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Jim Palau-Ribes & Pursang Motorcycles

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Jim Palau-Ribes, CEO at Pursang Motorcycles

"The Pursang project goes beyond the merely professional, I think it can be the first emotional electric motorcycle, the first to go beyond functionality..."

This was a dream of two kids: my best friend Roger and I. We grew up in a small village in the country, where we came upon motocross and the golden era of the national brands becoming worldwide famous. We’ve always been in love with the bikes from that time and specially with Bultacos, they were more than ride and performance; they had soul. That’s why they became a myth and why we since then wanted to make the rebirth of Pursang.

Because it’s fair. Barcelona is the biggest motorcycle and scooter stage, but most come from abroad! We live the passion for motorcycling like nobody and I think this should have an impact on our national economy. We’re good at designing, producing and selling worldwide our brands. We do know how to become memorable and now we see the opportunity to be relevant again in this industry.

The Pursang project goes beyond the merely professional. It is a very important personal commitment in which I have been dreaming for more than 20 years. It is a life challenge in which my family, my friends, my wife and my daughters have been involved in some way. They have seen how I have been taking small steps for years to place myself at the point where I am now and I feel blessed and pressed at the same time. It’s a magic moment and I can only enjoy it.

Designing for me is something intuitive that lives in me 24 hours a day. Lines simply flow in my head. I first imagine proportions and volumes; what will settle the attitude of the motorcycle. I then visualize the different angles and perspectives, and imagine it riding, in movement. At the end I work in the details sculpting shapes in 3D and looking for surprising nooks. It’s all about seeking beauty and brightness.

Motorcycles for me mean freedom, fun and passion, but this idea has some kind of selfishness. I think we can no longer set aside nature and the planet. Future will be sustainable or won’t be.

It’s the first electric motorcycle for moto lovers! I think it can be the first “emotional” electric motorcycle, the first to go beyond functionality. The E-street emanates the essence of motorcycling and has evolved technically to offer a perfect balance weight/power.

We are fueled by instinct. Instinct is the essence of who we are. But then there’s the rational thinking; our need as social beings to care for others and for the future. To ride beyond instinct is a way to bring balance back to our lives.

Interview by Helena Perelló
Production & edition by Marc Viñes
Creative direction by Xavier M
Jim Palau-Ribes, Barcelona 1976.
Jim was born to be industrial designer. He has always seen lines and shapes where others see words or numbers. From the beginning he linked his carreer with his passion for wheels, working as a designer from 2001 to 2016 in turn for Opel, Alfa Romeo, Mazda, Peugeot, Seat and Audi, and lately Torrot and Gas Gas, where he definitely got the push to launch his most ambitious and personal project: the new Pursang. His passion for motorbikes has been present throughout his life and this project means the culmination of a dream. Uncompromising defender of vital balance as success formula, he reaches maturity with one clear goal: work for your passion and you’ll never have to work again.